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In the UK, the standard time limit within which any form of personal injury claim can be filed is 3 years. If legal proceedings are not started within 3 years, the case is considered time barred and you are no longer entitled to claim for compensation. The 3-year deadline starts either from the date that the accident happened or from the date when it was established that your injury was directly/indirectly linked to the original injury, which is also known as ‘date of knowledge’. In fatal cases, the family of the deceased has 3 years to make a claim, starting from the date either your loved one died, or the date you received the post-mortem reports, connecting the death to the injury.

The golden advice is always to start thinking about making a personal injury compensation claims as soon as after the actual incident takes place. Events will still be fresh in your mind, evidences are easier to collect and a stronger compensation case more likely to be built.

Therefore, the sooner you speak to a team of personal injury solicitors, the better. If you have questions or concerns about the time limits, please call us for a free and confidential consultation on Freephone 01772 25 22 22.

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When you contact us, you don't have to start your personal injury claim for compensation process immediately. Therefore, if you're unsure whether you're ready to step on the first stages of your compensation claim, or whether your accident was caused because of someone else's fault, Turner White Solicitors can provide you the necessary guidance and suggestion you need to establish your claim and know that we will not force you to start a claim.

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