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Head injuries, sometimes called head trauma, can come from a variety of sources. The more obvious ones are what’s called acquired brain injuries, this simply means that they happened because of something. For example, being involved in a car accident, or being knocked off your bike and hitting your head on the pavement. But there are other ways a serious brain injury can occur, being hit on the head with a large object for instance. These kinds of injuries usually result in physical damage to the brain due to cracking or crushing of the skull, which causes damage to the delicate brain tissue inside.


Brain injuries can also be caused through deprivation of oxygen to the brain tissue. Put simply, this means the brain is starved of oxygen for long enough that the tissues become damaged and stop working. When this only affect parts of the brain it’s called hypoxic brain injury. If the whole of the brain’s blood supply is interrupted it’s known as anoxic brain injury. These kinds of injuries can occur if a person suffers from an asthma attack or chokes on something and is unable to breathe. But they can also be caused by things like smoke inhalation or poisoning.

More information about the different types of brain trauma or brain injury can be found on the Headway – the brain injury association.

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