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Again, how much you’ll get will depend on the injury – the more severe and life-changing it is the more compensation you’re likely to get. And there are guidelines for how much you can be awarded, which are provided by the Judicial College. There are some other things that will be taken into account, such as the cost of short and long term medical care, adaptations to the home, respite, and medical equipment, as well as loss of earnings, if this is applicable.

So, even though we can’t say for sure what you might receive, we can give you an idea of what you could expect for:

• minor head injuries that result in minimal, temporary or no brain damage – £1,500 to £8,500

• moderate brain damage that results in severe effects on mental functions, including changes to sight, speech, hearing or other senses as well as personality changes – £59,500 to £98,500

• very severe damage which leaves the person in need of 24 hour care, unable to respond with little language function and doubly incontinent – £185,000 to £265,500

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