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Our Fees

Motoring Offence Fees:

We operate a fixed fee policy where possible and cases which are more complex may be subject to an hourly rate of £200 + VAT; we will agree you fees with you from the start of your case which will be communicated in a clear and concise manner. Please note that the fees below may vary dependent upon the nature and complexity of the case. The fee will be determined within your initial telephone consultation with an advisor.

Please note that in the event that you are acquitted, you may be able to apply for a Defendant Cost Order to reclaim your legal fees incurred from the Legal Aid Agency. We can deal with such matters and a set fee of 20% of costs recovered is charged for this service. Our fees cover the costs of handling your case from inception, liaison with Court and Counsel and preparation for Court attendances.

  • Guilty plea including mitigation £700 + VAT plus the cost of disbursements
  • Exceptional hardship arguments £700 + VAT plus the cost of disbursements
  • Failing to stop and report £700 + VAT plus the cost of disbursements
  • S172 offences £700 + VAT plus the cost of disbursements
  • Driving without insurance (special reasons argument) £700 + VAT plus the cost of disbursements
  • Driving whilst on a mobile phone £700 + VAT plus the cost of disbursements
  • Careless driving /dangerous driving £800 + VAT plus the costs of disbursements
  • Driving under the influence of drugs / Alcohol £900 + VAT and disbursements
  • Failing to provide a specimen £900 + VAT and disbursements

Disbursements relating to motoring offences

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may incur one or more of the following disbursements:

Counsel fees for attendance at a Hearing or Trial at Magistrates’ Court: £400 – £600 excluding VAT

Expert and report fees e.g. Back Calculation: £250 – £500

Please note that disbursement fees may vary depending on the complexity of the case and timeliness of instruction. The above mentioned are average figures.



Most cases will be resolved within 3-6 months from date of your notice of intended prosecution, unless the matter is adjourned by the Courts or an appeal is lodged. In these circumstances, once specific details of your case are known, a more realistic time estimate can be provided.

Immigration fees:

The fee will be determined by the work that needs to be completed in relation to your case. This fee will be determined during your initial consultation with us.

The figures do not include VAT, VAT payments are determined by your immigration status.

How long the application will take

It is difficult to determine how long an application will take. The length of the application is determined by its complexity, we will be able to provide clearer advice on the length of your application during your initial consultation.

Average Fixed Fees (Depending on the complexity of your case, these may vary)

Advice and Assistance

Initial Consultation (10 mins)


Entry Clearance Applications



Visitor (medical treatment)


Tier 1 (all)


Tier 2


Tier 4


Tier 5


EEA family permit


Fiancée/proposed civil partner (sponsor employed/exempt)


Fiancée/proposed civil partner (sponsor self-employed/director)


Spouse/civil partner/unmarried partner (sponsor employed/exempt)


Spouse/civil partner/unmarried partner (sponsor self-employed/director)


Adult Dependent Relative


In country Applications

Extension of Tier 1


Extension of Tier 2


Extension of Tier 5


Extension of Tier 4


Extension of LTR as Spouse (sponsor employed/exempt)


Extension of LTR as Spouse (sponsor self-employed/director)


Switching into Spouse (sponsor employed/exempt)


Switching into Spouse (sponsor self-employed/director)


Leave to remain in the UK based on Family and/or Private Life


Extension of Discretionary Leave to Remain


EEA Residence Card (family members)


EEA Residence Card (extended family members)


EEA Residence Card (Retained Rights of Residence/Derivative Rights of Residence)


Registration Certificate (EEA Nationals)


Indefinite leave to remain – Spouse/Unmarried Partner (sponsor employed/exempt)


Indefinite leave to remain – Spouse/Unmarried Partner (sponsor self-employed/director)


Indefinite leave to remain – 10 Years Long Residence


Indefinite leave to remain – 20 years (unlawful residence)


Indefinite leave to remain – victim of DV


Indefinite leave to remain – Bereaved Partner


Indefinite leave to remain – further to 6 Years Discretionary Leave


EEA Permanent Residence


EEA Permanent Residence (Retained Rights of Residence/ Derivative Rights of Residence)


Indefinite Leave to Remain – Points Based System Route – Tier 1


Indefinite Leave to Remain – Points Based System Route – Tier 2, 4, 5


Naturalisation as a British Citizen


Registration of a child as a British Citizen


Registration of a child born in the UK and has lived in the UK 10 years


Application for a British Passport



Pre-notice of hearing


Post – notice of hearing


Final Hearing


Interim Hearing


Disbursements – Immigration

In the event that an application is refused an appeal may be lodged and a hearing will take place for which a barrister will need to be instructed.  Whilst it is difficult to provide an exact fee for this service, as costs will be determined by the nature and complexity of the case, an average of the fees are listed below;

Drafting of the Grounds of Appeal ( First-Tier Tribunal)- £200 – £400

Drafting of the Grounds of Appeal ( Upper Tribunal) – £200 – £400

Pre-Action Protocol  – £500

Attendance at a hearing or Trial ( First Tier and Upper Tribunal Matters)- £450 – £1000

Attendance at a hearing or Trial ( Judicial Review ) – £600-£3000

All the above fee’s are excluding VAT, as VAT is determined on a cases to case basis dependent on the Immigration status of the individual.


Timescales – Immigration

As applications are processed by the Home Office and UKVI, we cannot provide an accurate time scale for the conclusion of any application.  The time scales will vary, and a precise estimate will be given once specific details of your case are known.

Clients are advised to keep up to date with the government guidelines issued by the Home Office in relation to any delays, backlogs etc.

Financial Mis-selling

If the claim made is successful a deduction of 30% + VAT is deducted from the amount recovered.


Meet The Team

Motoring Offence

Mrs Layla Wadrassi – Grade A Solicitor with over 12 years’ experience in the legal practice

Ms Jayna Mistry – Solicitor with 2 years + post qualification experience

Ms Safiyya Musa – Motoring Offence assistant with over 2 years experience


Mrs Misbah Ramzan – Immigration caseworker with over 2 years Immigration experience

Mrs Layla Wadrassi – Supervising solicitor