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Family members of British residents and persons legally living within the UK are qualified to visit or stay in the UK and they have the right to use the similar advantages as the main applicant in terms of work rights, and rights to education for the children. The partner of the main visa holder would have the same conditions placed on their visa as the visa holder. This visa can be applied by relatives, siblings, parents as well as unmarried partners, same sex partners, those in civil partnerships, fiancés, reuniting family members, children and others. In case of a relationship, the partners must live permanently together in the UK and provide evidence of an existing relationship. Turner White Solicitors’ immigration specialists are here to help you if you plan to visit, work or simply be with your partner in the UK.

The different types of family visas are:

Visa application to remain in the UK with family

Visa application to settle in the UK if your partner dies

Visa application to join family living permanently in the UK

Visa application, when you separate with your partner or divorce them

Get in touch with the immigration department of Turner White Solicitors on 01772 25 22 22. Our expert immigration law team will help you in your family visa-related immigration process.

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