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An individual may be able to apply for a residence card, if you’re from outside the EEA and you’re the family member, or extended family member, of an EEA national.

European Union (EU)

For countries that are a member of the European Union (EU), there is a right of free movement for the citizens belonging to those countries. This means that they have the right to live, work and study in another member state. There are approcimately 1.3 million British citizens living in other EU countries and around 11 million citizens from other EU countries living in the UK. Free movement was initially designed for workers and the self-employed to take up work in another EU country - this could also be job seekers, students and other independent people.

European Economic Area (EEA)

You are a European Economic Area (EEA) national if you are a citizen of one of the following countries:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Republic of Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein
Litduania Luxembourg Malta Netderlands Norway Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

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e: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are EEA member states, but they are not members of the European Union (EU). Nationals of EEA countries have the same freedom of movement rights as the majority of EU citizens. The UK's EEA regulations extend the free movements rights to all EEA and Swiss nationals

Switzerland is not a member of the EU or EEA. But since 1 June 2002, Swiss nationals have had rights which are similar to those of nationals of EEA countries.

Anyone, who is residing in countries within the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Commonwealth, can apply for EU, EEA and Commonwealth visa, by fulfilling few criteria, which are related to travel and migration in the UK. Turner White Solicitors’ immigration specialists are here to assist and guide you with your visa process, if you belong to an EU, EEA or Commonwealth nation.

The Different Types Of Applications

  • Family Permits - for entry to the UK
  • Registration Certificates - for EEA nationals in the UK
  • Residence Cards - for family members of EEA nationals in the UK
  • Permenant Residence Cards - for EEA nationals and their family members
  • Derivative Residence Cards - for non-EEA nationals who obtain a right to live in the UK by consequence of a relationship to an EEA national

For more EU, EEA and Commonwealth visa related information in the UK, call our expert immigration department on 01772 25 22 22 to discuss your immigration requirements in more detail.

Get in touch with the immigration department of Turner White Solicitors on 01772 25 22 22. Our expert immigration law team can help you in the EU, EEA and Commonwealth-related immigration process.