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What is Clinical Negligence?

Millions of medical treatments take place each year, out of which the majority are carried out by the NHS and other private medical centres. Despite having the qualifications, skills and training required to become a working professional in the medical field, clinicians and doctors can still make mistakes when they are treating a patient, often when the patient is undergoing a more complicated treatment which requires many phases i.e. medical imaging, assessment and treatment. Due to many procedures put in place to carry out the treatment, it is more likely for medical professionals to mistreat or misdiagnose patients. In such a case, the patient is said to have been a victim of clinical negligence, also known as medical negligence.

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Many people seem to think that clinical negligence claims can only be made on treatments which only consist of long, more complex procedures, but this is not always the case. Even something as simple as a dental extraction can be claimed upon provided that the patient is mistreated and there is sufficient evidence to show this.

Conversely, sometimes there can be a case where the patient may think they have been mistreated and may wish to claim but there may be a legitimate reason as to why they have been treated that particular way. For example, a medical professional not providing a particular type of medication for an illness may have a specific reason behind it, even though the medication might be a cure to their illness. Now some patients may see this as clinical negligence, as they may not know the real reason as to why they were not treated the way they expected to be treated. Hence, there exists a test for such cases known as the Bolam Test, which tests whether the claims made against the medical professional or medical service are legitimate, or whether that may be something most practitioners would have done – in which case the medical practitioner or service is not guilty of clinical negligence and the patient is not eligible to claim compensation.

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Bolam Test: “ A medical professional is not guilty of negligence if he has acted in accordance with a practice accepted as proper by a responsible body of medical men skilled in that particular art”

When you contact us, you don't have to start your clinical negligence claim immediately. So, if you're unsure whether you're ready to step on the first stages of your compensation claim, or whether your delayed treatment or misdiagnosis was a medical professional's fault, Turner White Solicitors can provide you the guidance and information, which you need to establish your claim and we ensure you that we will not force you to start a claim.

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