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Clinical Negligence

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Our leading medical negligence solicitors will look into your misdiagnosis compensation claim case in detail, collecting relevant evidence from different well-trained medical professionals. These medical professionals evaluate what treatment and care you should have received and determines any future consequences to your wellbeing. They will also advise us on any potential treatment, which you will need in the upcoming years.

Start your claim now for misdiagnosis compensation, call our best medical negligence claims solicitors for free today on 01772 25 22 22. Our medical negligence claims solicitors are here to help and guide you through the process of making a claim to ensure that you receive the best compensation that can secure your future.


Misdiagnosis is a serious problem in the healthcare system and is reasonably common with mistake rates ranging from 1.4% in cancer surgeries to a high 20-40% misdiagnosis rate in emergency treatment. Approximately, these details provides a scope of 8% to 42% rate for misdiagnoses. This makes misdiagnosis claims one of the most prevalent kinds of medical negligence claims.


>Whenever you visit a medical professional, you expect the treatment to be appropriate. After all, a doctor’s medical judgement is the most trustworthy opinion. Unfortunately, occasionally mistakes are committed, diagnosis are delayed or missed, which can have a devastating effect on your well-being. In some cases, medical misdiagnosis can have critical, even fatal consequences, and this may amount to a misdiagnosis claims.


Misdiagnosis can be classified into three broad categories, which includes:

  • Complete Misdiagnosis – refers to the fact that medical professional/support staff have failed to identify an illness after initial health problems.
  • Delayed Diagnosis – refers to the fact that a delay in diagnosis has led to the patient’s suffering or other health problems.
  • Incorrect diagnosis – refers to the fact that a patient has been diagnosed with an illness, which they do not have.

Our expert clinical and medical negligence solicitors can help you to determine who is res...
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ponsible, under what circumstances and will guide you in every step of the way; helping you to claim the misdiagnosis compensation, you deserve. At Turner White Solicitors, our clinical and medical negligence solicitors will help you to secure the maximum compensation that you deserve. 

Why Should I Make A Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim?

Making a misdiagnosis claim following a medical negligence is a significant step for various reasons. If you or a loved one is injured because of a medical professional’s negligence, we firmly believe you should get the compensation, which you deserve.


Your misdiagnosis claim can earn you the much-needed compensation that can help you to pay your medical expenses for any current or future care and treatment as well as the compensation can recover any lost earnings after time away from work. Your claim for compensation will also highlight the neglectful treatment that are often being carried out by NHS doctors and medical staff or any other private hospital’s medical professionals. It can prevent other people to suffer the same medical damage, which you have sadly undergone. Claiming medical misdiagnosis compensation can also help you to cover the cost of adaptations to your home and life

When Can I Make A Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim?

If your healthcare provider has treated you for an illness that you did not have, prescribed medication that you did not need or have delayed your diagnosis, because of which you have underwent suffering, you can make medical misdiagnosis claims for your damages. Some common types of misdiagnosis claims that our clinical and medical negligence solicitors often deal with are:

  • Late diagnosis of an illness
  • Wrong diagnosis of an illness
  • Failure to recognize the correct symptoms
  • Failure to examine the suspected symptoms
  • Neglectful care and treatment following a diagnosis/misdiagnosis

If you feel the treatment delivered to you or a loved one by the medical professionals of NHS or any other private hospital fell below the standard of care, causing further damage or prolonging the ailment, you could be eligible for misdiagnosis compensation claims. At Turner White Solicitors, our expert team of clinical and medical negligence solicitors can help you to effectively make a misdiagnosis compensation claims for medical negligence

How Much Compensation Will I Receive For A Misdiagnosis Claim?

The amount of misdiagnosis compensation awarded in this type of cases depends on a number of different aspects. These aspects can include the severity of the injury caused, combined with any financial losses, the effect the damage has had on your life outside work, and whether your medical injury caused due to negligence will require further treatment and care – both in the immediate aftermath of the negligence and in the future.


You can find out how much misdiagnosis claim you’re entitled to by getting in touch with our medical negligence solicitors today on Freephone 01772 25 22 22 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to help. We will be able to give you an indication of the potential value of your claim. However, if you want to get an estimated settlement figure before you contact us, you can always use our interactive compensation calculator to find out how much compensation you might be entitled to.

Is There A Time Limit on Making A Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim?

Yes. In most medical negligence cases, you have three years’ time to make a compensation claim, starting from the date the negligence happened or the date you first became aware that you’ve suffered because of medical professional’s negligence, which is also known as ‘date of knowledge’.


However, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin to gather evidences for your claim. Moreover, events will still be new in your mind, evidences are easier to collect and a stronger compensation for misdiagnosis case more likely to be built.  Therefore, the sooner you speak to our team of leading medical negligence claim solicitors, the better. If you have questions or concerns about the time limits, please call us for a free and confidential consultation on Freephone 01772 25 22 22.

For more information on misdiagnosis compensation claims, get in touch with us on 01772 25 22 22 or request a call back or simply fill the form, and our expert team of medical claim solicitors will get back to you and give you the suitable legal advice.