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Clinical Negligence

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Our leading medication error solicitors will look into your medication error compensation claim case in detail, collecting relevant evidence from different well-trained medical professionals. These medical professionals evaluate what medication you should have received and determines any future consequences to your wellbeing. They will also advise us on any potential treatment, which you might need in the upcoming years.

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Medication Errors

Medicines cure infectious diseases, prevent difficulties during chronic illnesses, and ease pain. However, medicines can also cause serious reactions if misused. Surveys display taht medication errors happen all the time, an estimated one million each year, contributing to 7,000 deaths. Sadly, the medication dispensing/prescription error mostly occurs due to medical negligence i.e due to the fault of medical professionals such as doctors and pharmacists. This may cause short or long term complications in the patient's health

Medication errors can happen in both adults and children. However, as children are known for their vulnerable nature, more care is needed when prescribing or dispensing medicine. Pharmacists and doctors must contemplate a child's weight and age before prescribing any drugs. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; mistakes are committed by medical professionals or pharmacists occasionally, which can have an adverse effect on your childs wellbeing.

Medication errors can cause minor and serious health issues such as brain injury, allergic diseases, psychological disorder, and even fatal consequences which may amount to a medication error claim for compensation

Why Should I Make A Medication Error Claim?

Making a medication error claim following a medical negligence is a significant step for vari...
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ous reasons. If you or your loved one is injured because of a medical professionals negligence, we firmly believe you should get the compensation you deserve.

Your medical error claim can earn you the much-needed compensation that can help you pay for medical expenses for any current or future care and treatment as well as the compensation can recover any lost earnings after time away from work. Your claim for compensation will also highlight any neglectful treatment that are often being carried out by NHS doctors and medical staff from other private organisations. It can also prevent other people from suffering from the same problem, if improvements are made to the system because of such claims.

When Can I Make A Medication Error Claim

Whether you have encountered medication errors within the private sector or the National Health Service (NHS), if you have been a victim of medication error which has caused pain and suffering, you will be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Some of the most common types of medication error claims that our clinical and medical negligence solicitors often deal with includes:

  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Inaccurate labels on the medicine drug
  • Heparin or Warfarin dosage errors
  • Dispensing a particular drug to the wrong patient
  • Computer error leading to wrongful dispensation of the drug
  • Prescribing medication for the wrong period of time
  • Prescribing/dispensing the incorrect dosage or medication, leading to overdose
  • Prescribing medication, which is in conflict with existing prescribed medication

At Turner White Solicitors, our clinical and medical negligence solicitors elaborately evaluate your situaion of medical negligence, and help you understand whether you have a claim for medication error compensation. Our leading clinical and medical negligence solicitors are dedicated to help victims of all types of medication error claims.

How Much Compensation Can I Recieve For A Medication Error Negligence Case?

the amount of medication error compensation awarded in this type of case depends on a number of different aspects. This includes the severity of the injury caused by the medicine, combined with any financial losses due to illness, the effect the damage has caused and its effect on your life outside work.

For a free consultation about a medication error compensation claim, call our No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitors on Freephone 01772 25 22 22 or start your claim online and we will call you.

When you contact us, you don't have to start your medication error claim immediately. So, if you're unsure whether you're ready to step on the first stages of your compensation claim, or whether your medical injury was a medical professional's fault, Turner White Solicitors can provide you the guidance and information, which you need to establish your claim and we ensure you that we will not force you to start a claim.

For more information on medication error compensation claims, get in touch with us on 01772 25 22 22 or request a call back or simply fill the form, and our expert team of medication error negligence solicitors will get back to you and give you the suitable legal advice.