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Stop fake Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury | 15-12-2016
Stop fake Personal Injury Claims

It is widely known that the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), which was announced in 2013 stated that it will bring about a prohibition on referral fees and limit the cold calling culture that people have been subjected to over many years. In order to emphasize on the legal act, in 2014 the coalition government published the Nuisance Calls Action Plan that revealed strategies to enforce fines on Claims Management Companies (CMCs), which are engaging in unwelcome calls and messages and other malpractices. However, even after the implementation, cold calling still poses some severe problems. The problem heightens because various CMCs are the ones who are encouraging public to commit fraud and progress with false claims. This fraudulent acts actually makes more apparent that stronger legal regulations are required to deal with the problem. Due to the growing number of cold calling undertakings, the status of the personal injury sector in the legal arena has been worsening. The cold calling strategies of some CMCs, which seem to be centered on distressing individuals until they approve to pursue a claim, cannot help a sector, which is already surrounded by various number of government regulations. For us to win this struggle, it is important that CMCs start behaving in a professional, upright, and transparent manner. CMCs actively encouraging individuals to commit swindle are unsafe for both the community and the legal industry.