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Good News for Cosmetic Surgery Patient

Personal Injury | 15-12-2016
Good News for Cosmetic Surgery Patient

People choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedure for both aesthetic as well as medical reasons. However, many healthcare centres in the UK have surgeons and support staff, who are not appropriately qualified, accidents do occur in their treatment of patients, and the patients have to suffer from cosmetic medical negligence, which leads to psychological damage, isolation, self-doubt and loss of confidence. It is true that cosmetic industry has been under-regulated for over many years although more and more people are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures today.

However, there might be hope, as new initiatives are being announced with the goal of reducing cosmetic negligence and protecting the individuals. On 22 August 2016, the Department of Health published a paper and addressed the complications in the cosmetic surgery landscape to protect the people. The paper suggests expanding the public rating system, which is now operated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to providers of cosmetic surgery. This signifies that treatment centre will now be subjected to a rating system, and the results will be displayed online, helping individuals, who are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery to make a better-versed choice about the clinic they have selected to be operated. Additionally, the Royal College of Surgeons has also declared strategies to launch a fresh system of accreditation for cosmetic surgeons, which might work alongside the CQC’s rating system. This system can actually help the patients to find a more qualified and experienced medical practitioner to carry out their cosmetic surgery procedure.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you need to understand all the risks associated with the procedure and make a more informed decision, while selecting your cosmetic clinic. In any case, if you want more information about cosmetic surgery negligence, please visit our medical negligence page and get a detailed information about the cosmetic negligence.