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Cyclist: Accidents in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Personal Injury | 21-11-2018
Cyclist: Accidents in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Statistics for road traffic accidents in Glasgow and Edinburgh show a constant high risk of cyclists suffering both minor and severe injuries when involved in a collision on the road. It is believed that, on average, 35% of adults have access to a bicycle within their household within these two cities. Further statistics show that the percentage of cyclists who were seriously injured in road traffic accidents increased by 16% in 2017 from the previous year.  Personal injury claims brought forward by cyclists are therefore a large part of work done by solicitors in aiding those injured in such situations. Ergo, this begs the question, why do these road traffic accidents happen? What can be done to prevent them? And if by misfortune, you were a victim of such road traffic accidents, then, how do you make financial claims?

The cyclist’s perspective is often that other road vehicles simply do not respect bicycles in the same way that they do other road traffic vehicles. This problem is then aggravated when visibility is poor due to adverse weather conditions or in low lighting conditions. However, cyclists can lower their risk by wearing fluorescent clothing and protective headgear. It is also of paramount importance for cyclists to maintain the upkeep of their bicycles effectively and in particular their brakes, tyres, and chain.

When approaching any credible personal injury solicitor with a road traffic accident claim, the question will be asked as to the condition of the bicycle at the time of the collision. If the requisite steps were taken and the bicycle was in good condition, then you may be eligible to claim compensation.

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