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What if you’ve suffered from food poisoning whilst on a holiday?

Personal Injury | 15-12-2016
What if you’ve suffered from food poisoning whilst on a holiday?

Food poisoning is a common instance in today’s time. People infected with food-borne organisms may have symptoms ranging from mild intestinal discomfort to severe dehydration and bloody diarrhea. It is treatable however in rare cases, it can be serious and even lead to loss of life. The most common type of food poisoning is bacterial.

However, suffering from food poisoning or any other illness whilst in a foreign country can be very distressing for the sufferers. On top of that, if the infection is caused because of unhygienic environment or a lack of attention from the tour operator, you can make a claim for compensation. The legal system of the UK has place strong rules that states if you’ve been sick during your leisure time because of a tour operator’s fault, you are eligible to claim compensation. Turner White Solicitors professional holiday sickness team can help you to make a successful holiday sickness claim for compensation and receive the amount that you truly deserve.

It is important to remember that it is your tour operator’s responsibility to ensure that you do no fall sick in your holiday due to unclean surroundings and your health and security is not put in danger. If they fail to carry out this duty of care, Turner White Solicitors can help you to pursue a compensation claim.

Almost all the package holidays bought in the UK are covered by the Package Travel Regulations 1992, which states the accountability of the holiday or tour operator for accidents and personal injuries. Claims under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 provides you 3 years to claim compensation and prove that the tour operator was responsible for your holiday sickness, which caused you distress.

In any case, if you want more information about holiday sickness claim, please visit our holiday sickness page or get in touch with us and get a detailed information about the compensation claim process.